Suntrust is an active member of the community, and as such, is commited to being an exemplary participant in social and environmental initiatives. The company works on a multitude of fronts to leave a positive impact on the communities in which it operates.
A Corporate Social Responsibility has been developed to identify specific areas in which Suntrust can play an active suporting role. These areas involve, but are not limited to, renewable energy initiatives, pro-bono work, and social initiatives.

Good Governance
Suntrust continually strives to improve its operations to better adhere to established best practice initiatives. The company believes that good governance and complete transparency creates a better and more ethical business environment. Therefore, Suntrust is committed to manage its business with transparency, integrity and adherence to the code of corporate governance to generate a positive impact on society.
Suntrust provides assistance and support as part of its pro bono initiatives, offering its expertise in a variety of fields to make a positive impact on the community. Suntrust also reaches out to recent graduates, offering them experience, exposure, and professional support, helping them to play an important role in the community of tomorrow.
In order to manage its impact on the environment, Suntrust is committed to sustainability, through a broad portfolio of efforts. The company continues to pursue new ways to improve energy management for a better, more sustainable future.