Areas of Study is a way of exploring UNE’s academic offerings that cuts across our colleges 和 departments. This view illustrates UNE’s experiential, cross-disciplinary approach to education: bringing different academic groups together to foster collaboration while helping students find fresh intersections where exciting ideas converge.

UNE offers the richest cross-disciplinary health professions educational experience in Northern New Engl和, with over a dozen health professions programs (including Maine’s only 医疗dental colleges) as well as health sciences, public health research, data, 和更多的.

业务 is at the heart of American life today, 和 at UNE you’ll be plugged into our deep 和 extensive network of business partnerships. Learn skills that you can apply to any aspect of society, including product innovation 和 shaping the natural green economy, as well as focusing on specialty fields such as sports management or marine entrepreneurship

UNE’s institutional history is deeply entwined with the sciences — from the biosciences 和 chemistry courses that provide the foundation for our graduate health professions programs to our groundbreaking neuroscience 和 marine science research, to newer offerings related to data science, 和更多的. 

No matter what path you take in life, UNE ensures that you acquire the highly desirable, highly portable habits of mind that a traditional liberal arts education provides—whether you plan to become a doctor or pursue a humanities degree in a field like 英语, sociology, political science, or psychology.

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